Soy Candles

There is something incredibly soothing about candles, their light is unique, the flickering warmth is something that an electric light cannot replicate. Having candles burning signifies something special, from birthdays to romantic dinners, the candle is a symbol of a special moment. That doesn’t mean that it has to be a special moment to light one though, you can use a candle whenever you want to feel special, when you want a boost or a lift.

At Just D’Lish we make a range of stunning Soy Wax Candles that are very popular. They are available in 2 sizes, a large metro with a 40 hr burn time, and a mini metro with a 15hr burn time, and come 17 beautiful fragrances. We have wildberry, frangipani, lavender, citrus, rose, cranberry fig and vanilla, white tea and ginger, champagne and strawberry, water lily, island bloom, bella and grace scents available, all with their own fragrance that will intoxicate and delight.

The Soy Wax commences with soybeans from which the oil is separated. This oil is then purified to give pristine soybean oil which then goes through a process called hydrogenation turning it into a solid. It burns pure so that all you get are the light and the wonderful scent. You will love these wonderful soy candles, they really are something special.

All of our soy candles are:

– Biodegradable and free from pesticides, herbicides, they are good for you and good for the environment.
– Contain no genetically modified material, they are all natural, so you can be sure that they are safe.
– Manufactured using pure soy beans and contain no petroleum (paraffin waxes), these really are soy candles, unlike other manufacturers who dilute their products.
– Manufactured according to sustainability and renewable resource management , we take the ethical nature of our products very seriously and ensure that every aspect of our production meets the strictest criteria.

At Just D’Lish Soaps and Candles we are focused on ensuring that all of our products are made to the highest standards, from the quality of the materials used to the ethicality of our production, we aim to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with our products every time, so when you buy Just D’Lish soy candles you know that you will be getting a fantastic product that is made with love and care.

Just D’Lish, made with love for you.

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